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Do not make the mistake of building your information systems without a plan, because this is the expensive way to run an information system and has lots of risks. More »

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In today’s volatile and ever changing business and personal environment you need a strong tech partner.

Karakinos.com consultants can help you define your team processes and technology. We can do it faster and more cost effectively to allow you to focus on what you do best, and that is focus on your core business output! More »

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Audits conducted by Karakinos Consultants

Members of the Karakinos Consulting team have been auditing Information Systems and business processes for over 22 years.  In the 22 years we have performed a substantial number of audits for small, medium and for large businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and overseas.

We are very technically capable so we can verify what’s really under the covers unlike other auditors in the industry who may have auditing and reporting skills but no technical depth. We will provide you a report with real substance. In some cases you will be shocked because we talk the talk so your internal teams can’t help but show us what’s really on the floor. This is important because it helps us help you reduce your risks.

We have a number of auditing frameworks that we utilise to conduct our audits and can customise our process and reporting to align with your requirements. We are known to exceed our client’s expectations, and we pride ourselves in outperforming others in our field.

If you really want to know what’s under the hood of your information system we are the consultants who can provide accurate information system audit information, so call us today for a no obligation discussion on how we can help you with your business process Auditing needs.


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