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IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Best Practices for IT Service Management On face value, the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of books describing IT management processes and practices. However, the potential value of ITIL and its impact on an IT organisation is far reaching. These best practices have been collated from the practices of IT sites around the world. As such, the books contain the collective wisdom of many mature IT Management organisations. The “Infrastructure” in ITIL includes all software, hardware, processes, tools and  roles used in the delivery of IT Services to business. ITIL is a whole of IT resource. ITIL also contains books describing best practices for Application Management, ICT Infrastructure Management, Security Management and Business-IT Alignment. Together, these best practices represent a holistic approach to management of IT.

Our staff are ITIL practioners and we operate our own internal business using ITIL.

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