Technology Solutions

Karakinos information consultants, are responsible for building the infrastructure required to carry and deliver every application and service required in business today. We have extensive experience deploying many solutions from, email services, Database services, CAD systems, asset tracking systems, route optimization systems, surveillance systems, accounting systems like MYOB, point of sales system, CRM and thousands of other applications. We are certified practising accounting system installers. We can deliver deploy and support any 3rd party solution that is distributed using partner networks. We can deploy IBM and Microsoft technologies through our partner arrangements. We are great at deploying technology because its our primary function and we love what we do!

We have developed private cloud solutions which provide end to end business systems at a fraction of the cost it would take for a company to purchase and deploy their own infrastructure. We are strong with public, private and Hybrid cloud models and have been building cloud solutions for many years. We can build it in Azure or AWS for you and we have the automation to operate the solution so that you can focus on your core business leaving the grunt work to us.

If you’re looking for a technology solution, why not call us and ask us to provide you with a quote. It very likely we will be in a position to deliver the solution at a very competitive price.

Call us today for an obligation free discussion. We are keen to demonstrate our capability without any obligation to you, however, we may obligate you to share a coffee with members of our team.

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