Cloud security assessments and solutions

Security Assessments

We conduct Security Assessments to help reduce breaches that may be catastrophic and fatal for your organization!

More bad news in America about a data breach latest news that has cost a major brand millions of dollars in fines and hurt its reputation.

Every Chief Information Officer (CIO) should show this story to their senior management. Many take the position and view the costs of protecting against data breaches or maintaining compliance is expensive and time-consuming and many take the risk or attempt to transfer the risk rather than locking the systems down. Any organization who takes this approach is playing with fire.

Yes, your organization might be able to avoid a breach and save money, but are you willing to gamble with the risk that a breach could be catastrophic to your organization? That’s exactly what many businesses are doing today. What if your business had many accounts and they were all breached? Could your organization afford the cost of dealing with such a security breach? How will your organization cope with the indirect costs, erosion in customer confidence, reduction in brand equity and decline in market value?

Regardless of your company ‘s industry or size, you should start thinking and planning about how your organization would deal with any data breach. Instead of risking having to build a project on data loss adhoc following a security incident, consider proactively building a security program on data protection now. This will allow you to identify and prioritize the most sensitive data in your organization and implement the necessary control.

Managed Infrastructure

We have built our call center (inbound) infrastructure model to provide our clients with access to partial infrastructure managements or complete end to end service management services. Trust us to proactively manage your firewall or your entire Information Technology function. Don’t outsource your IT function to the Philippines or India directly, trust an Australian company to manage your systems while at the same time benefit from our own investment in resources from those regions to exploit the labor cost savings but with reduced risk to you and your business. We have hand picked our staff and have used the highest standards in governance and compliancy, and process methodology  to ensure the highest level of security , performance integrity and reliability for the services we provide. Let us worry about the day to day information technology function while your staff focus on your core business skills, and more importantly on making more income.

The core components that comprise our proactive managed services package include:

  • “All You Can Eat” remote helpdesk during business hours
  • 24x7x365 network and critical device monitoring
  • Vendor Management

Benefits you will receive as a result of our Proactive Managed Services package include:

  • Much faster response time to trouble tickets
  • Predictive, proactive IT support o Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduce and control your operating costs
  • Cost-effectively gain access to enterprise-level support staff
  • Experience minimized downtime
  • Regain the ability to focus on running your business, not your vendors
  • Receive peace of mind knowing that your network is being monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week

So call us today for a no obligation discussion on how your business can benefit from our experience and expertise.


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